Balloon Safaris

Your Balloon Safari begins with an early morning departure from your Camp and travelling through the wilds of the Okavango Delta to the balloon launch site. Fortunistic rare sightings of nocturnal wildlife may be made along the way. On arrival watch as the balloon is rigged and inflated ready for your balloon safari.


Your flight itinerary



A welcoming greeting by the pilot, followed with a safety briefing and demonstration of the boarding and landing procedures for the balloon, gets you set and ready for take-off! The flight launches just prior to sunrise and will drift across the flood plains with the cool winds of the morning. On a different adventure every morning, the pilot will expertly navigate the balloon using only the winds at various altitudes. From drifting at treetop height to a 1000ft or more, spectacular vistas of the Delta will unveil themselves as the first rays of sunlight roll across the waters of the flood plains. The chance of sighting wildlife adds to the excitement of the flight, elevated by the heart pounding anticipation of spotting one of the Big Five.

Drift over the Okavango Delta

A wide variety of wildlife, in an equally wide variety of terrain and vegetation types, can be viewed as the balloon floats unhindered across this great African Wilderness. The diversity of the fauna and flora, and the encounters between the two, provide for some spectacular photographic opportunities, especially from the unique vantage point the balloon offers.

Return to Tera Forma

On landing, the balloon will be met by the recovery vehicles which have been tracking the balloon's journey. A scenic area in the bush will be selected for the traditional champagne celebration, to toast this age old adventure. A presentation by the pilot of your commemorative flight certificate concludes a memorable morning.